User experience designer

For the Center of Life church, I worked in a team of 40 creatives to construct an exhibit meant to deliver inspirational messages through personal interaction. 

It was split into teams, each handling one exhibit piece. My team's exhibit led the community to help and witness each other through clever user experience design.

Explanations below!



  • Designed the User Experience.

  • Designed the visuals.

  • Presented ideas and progress to clients.

  • Communicated with other teams to ensure unity across a large, complex project.


  1. Choose 1 of 5 cards - Role Model, Artist, Guardian, Leader, Supporter - and write on it what you do to fit that role.

  2. Attach it to a supplied brick of wood.

  3. Slide your card-brick into the slots of the wall, which starts out as a blank whiteness.

  4. Over time, the cards' colors fill the wall and reveal the hidden inspirational messages.

  5. Through working together, the members of the community reveal something beautiful.

  6. Once filled, the wall can be used as a reference for the community to help each other. Do you need a Guardian or Supporter? You'll know who in your community can help you.

  7. Through just cleverly designed gameplay, the players craft a wonderful story of connection and unity.