Creator of Who I See, the 2nd-Person Mystery Game!

Who I See is the hand-drawn, 2nd person mystery where the narration is told by everyone but you, so you piece together the story through the extremely different perceptions of the NPCs.


Official Selection at Indiepocalypse 2019, hosted by Gamejolt, Devolver Digital, and Dreamhack.

Judge's Top Pick in AdventureJam2018

Most Innovative Entry in AdventureJam2018

Featured Game on Gamejolt

PCGAMER's Top 5 Free Games of the Week

"There's a breaking down of the traditional boundaries between player and NPC's feels novel, while the comic-book-style artwork can be quite lovely. A refreshingly odd world for you to poke around in."


"The decision to write the narration from the POV of the NPC's is inspired, and the execution is spot-on, adding to the mystery of the main character while painting the supporting cast in extra lurid detail. Bravo!"

AdventureJam Judge Joe Richardson




03 Experience


Bachelor's in Communications Design, Carnegie Mellon University
Graduated with the degree listed above. Trained and skilled in:
  • Communicating effectively through visuals, sounds, input, and writing to craft resonant experiences.
  • Working in teams through the design process, iterating efficiently through outlines and storyboards.
  • Critiquing clearly, fully understanding critique, and ensuring everyone fully understands each other.
CMU is rated by LinkedIn as the #1 Design Program. Graduated in Dean's List, top 30% of students.
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